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5 Reasons Why You Should Cancel Your SEO Services

By Mikhail Khorev | October 18, 2015 | 0 Comment

If you have recently hired a professional company that offers SEO services to optimize your website for you, you probably did so because you wanted to leave the hard job of search engine optimization to the professionals. If you have hired a legitimate, reputable SEO expert like Mikhail Khorev, you shouldn’t have to worry about much other than waiting a few months for your campaign to really take off. In some situations, however, it is important to fire your SEO company and seek the services of another business.

1. When the Company Posts Spam on Your Site’s Behalf

A long time ago, it was very common for people to post spam comments and other spam posts all over the World Wide Web when trying to build backlinks. Although this might have worked then, it certainly doesn’t work now, and it can make your website look very unprofessional. If you have noticed that your SEO company is posting spam links anywhere on the Internet with a link to your site, it is imperative to cancel these services right away. It won’t take long for the big search engines to find out about it, and they can blacklist you right away for it.

2. If You’re Being Unfairly Charged

Higher rates for an SEO campaign shouldn’t necessarily be seen as a negative thing; even though you might not want to spend a lot of money on advertising your site, you should understand that good SEO services don’t come cheap due to the massive amount of time, work and resources they can require. If your company has billed you for services that you didn’t receive and didn’t respond well to your complaint, however, you should definitely start seeking services elsewhere. The same is true if your company is notorious for sneaking in added fees or causing other problems as well.

3. If Thousands of Backlinks Have Been Created for Your Site

Although you might think that the main purpose of an SEO campaign is to build backlinks for your site, this really isn’t the truth. Although a good, strong and positive backlink profile is certainly an important part of all SEO services, the idea of building thousands of backlinks at one time is very outdated and can now cause stiff penalties from the search engines. It’s a positive thing if your SEO company has been building backlinks for you, but you should definitely consider switching SEO services right away if you notice that an extraordinarily high number of links have been built on your behalf.

4. If Links to Your Site Are Posted on Scam Sites

It isn’t important to just control the number of links that are made for your site. It is also essential to make sure that these links are created at the right places. If a site is filled with spam or looks to be illegitimate in one form or another, it isn’t the right place for backlinks to your site.

5. If You Aren’t Getting Good Customer Service

Your SEO company owes it to you to keep you posted on updates with your site and to get in contact with you to answer your questions when you need help. If you aren’t getting the customer service that you deserve, now just might be the time to switch SEO companies for good. Although you might want to leave most of the work to the professionals, looking out for these five things will help prevent you from getting scammed by an SEO company and will also help you maintain the integrity of your website.

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