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Digital Marketing Strategies That Work Best

By Mikhail Khorev | November 25, 2015 | 0 Comment

Internet marketing refers to the collective marketing and advertising efforts companies do online to increase direct sales. The key avenues are through web and email. These efforts draw similarity with traditional methods of marketing in that they too involve publishers and advertisers. The publisher provides the content into which advertisements are integrated before being presented to the consuming public. Internet marketing has the advantage of speed, cost effectiveness and global coverage. They can also be easily meted, are flexible and can be easily directed. There common forms of online marketing including content marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, email marketing as well as mobile marketing.

Content marketing

Content marketing, probably the widest form includes all marketing campaigns that involve creating and sharing media content with the aim of growing customer following and hopefully, conversions. The known formats of presenting content marketing material include news, white papers, videos, e-books, case studies, articles and how-to-guides among many others. Content marketing thrives more on being appealing to customers; it therefore must be developed to offer customers and prospects useful information they may be in need of. Offering such information continuously earns the business the loyalty of customers, it also creates awareness for a business.

Social media marketing

Social media sites are providing a reliable forum for meeting and engaging with customers as well as prospects. Social media marketing refers to the process of using such forums to generate and drive web traffic back to a company’s website or blog and increase sales. Effective social media marketing depends on the first two steps; developing a strong social media presence and creating the right tone for your customers. Successfully executed social media campaign can really boost other online marketing efforts. Social network sharing for instance can promote blogs and other content marketing efforts.

Search engine marketing

When you increase a website’s visibility so it ranks high in search engine results pages, it is said you have executed successful social engine marketing (SEM). This form of marketing can employ search engine optimization (SEO) to configure the contents of the website so they can achieve higher search engine rankings. Pay per click (PPC) can also be employed to increase website visibility. Whenever you use search engines to conduct an inquest, the results you get are normally as a result of both SEO and PPC efforts. SEO influences search engines to rank a website high based on its content while PPC involves paying search engine companies to include their adverts alongside relevant searches.

Email marketing

Email marketing refers to any method that directly relays commercial messages to a target group of people through email. Literally though, this may include any form of email communication that includes marketing material sent to both existing and prospective customers. It is the oldest form of internet marketing and includes customer newsletters, coupons, informational updates and product offers among many other avenues. Studies show that this form of internet marketing is far more effective compared to others and rakes in more in sales revenues. It also streamlines as well as simplifies all marketing efforts and provides an easier way of meting success of marketing campaigns.

Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is the process of delivering marketing material, advertisements as well as other personalized information intended to create awareness about certain goods, services or ideas using wireless mobile devices as conduits. Such devices include feature and smartphones as well as tablet computers. Ad copies sent in this manner can either be in the form of rich media display or static data advertisements. Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), Short Messaging Service (SMS), mobile search adverts and adverts within mobile applications and games can also be used. Mobile marketing is seeing a rapid growth. This can be attributed to many reasons; the number of mobile devices in use currently is increasing and connectivity speeds are improving to allow for richer media texts and adverts. Publishers have also become more sophisticated in incorporating adverts in mobile messages.

Internet marketing is growing tremendously. Revenues earned are surpassing traditional advertising platforms. It has been adopted by all industry sectors and is constantly emerging as the advertising method to watch closely. Despite all these positives, there still are internet marketing practices that are thought of as controversial. It however is believed that regulations will take care of any issues that may plague this vibrant advertising method.


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